Network Marketing

Let's go back to the essentials.

Government restrictions have destroyed the true nature of network marketing. In such a way that the only successful networks that currently exist offers "products". And so, all the companies began to create the "Best Patent" or to invent products that would allow them to generate high commissions and generate profits for their affiliates. And so we slowly moved away from the truly essential. Make money, as the product. Because lets be honest, nobody is passionate about selling "Amway soaps" or telling your friends about the "best patent", let's not distort things, here we are to make money by referring people. And for this, two questions are important: How much do they pay per referral? and know if we can indeed trust the system ... Regarding the first question, NetworkMarketing.Crypto pays 90%. And regarding the second, the system works with payments on the blockchain and as you well know, the transactions are public and you can verify if the money is actually paid. What do you need to start? Is very simple. You need to have an affiliate* and make a payment to waves aliases: "networkmarketing" or "3PM2J5a7RCvbMQpFBFC3BsUSXXkJrazkSPv " and in the description send the address or aliases of the one who invite you. Payment must be between 100 USDN and 100,000 USDN. If your affiliate makes a lower payment than you made, you earn 90% of the amount invested and if it is higher, you only earn 90% of your invested amount and the rest goes to the company. But your account rises so that if you have a future affiliate, you can earn 90% on the new maximum amount that will be equal to your affiliate with the highest investment. The system only pays commission to those who have already paid and to enter you need to have a guest.* To start, you need to create a wallet: www.Waves.Exchange *** These days to support entrepreneurs and due to the current situation we will be giving almost free access to the system. With only 50 usdn you enter the system as if your investment were 1000 usdn. Currently you do not need a referral. But from July 2020 people who do not have referrals to enter will have to pay a fee of 20%, as an incentive to start your business with an affiliate. This business does not require recurring payments. And we recommend paying with USDN (Neutrino). But we also accept: Bitcoin, Waves, Litecoin, Dai, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash and Monero.